Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Bridge Run 2010

Part of our HCC program was to complete the 2010 Cooper River 10K Bridge Run!  I did it!!!  I am very proud that this completed my total commitment to the program, and, most of all, to myself.  My goal was to run a mile and power walk the second one.  Well guess what!!  I ran the entire 10K, with the exception of the short incline going up the bridge (one Porta-Potty break).  Officially, I did this run in 1 hour, 44 minutes, but if I were knock off about 15 minutes for the potty break that makes it somewhere around 1.5 hours.  I am very proud to have finished.  The first time I did the bridge run I walked it with my husband and it took us almost 3 hours.  I was so out of shape.  Thanks again to my trainer, Laurie, for preparing me for this.  Thank you to all my instructors and coach Marty again.  I know listening to you is what got me in shape to do this.   I wish I had a little more African in me since the Kenya man did it in 27 minutes.....I am still happy with my number. 

On the back of my T-Shirt ( Bridge Run shirt. Cute huh)

Laurie sent me an email the day before the race, encouraging me, which I thought was so nice.  She always told me to fix my mind on something.  So I ran for so many people... mother who would be so proud of me I can hear her yelling for me... dad who is recovering from a pretty serious surgery... youngest sister who has struggled with a disability and is helping him now.... sister who will be taking radiation soon...     ...all my family, who I love dearly.  I could hear my kids say "Mom, you can do this!"  I know they were proud.  I would text my miles to all my family and some friends along the way.  I did not stop.  My last mile I had to pray.  I felt like slowing down a little and when I did I felt a little dizzy and talked myself out of passing out.  The mind is a wonderful thing.  All I wanted to see is Ben's face at the end of this run, because he is the consistent and stable one who is always there at the end of the day.  I feel like a true athlete now.  I put my mind to it, and I did it.  I thought of and now appreciate all the years of hard work that young athletes dedicate themselves to who compete for the olympics.

In preparation for the bridge, I loaded up with wheat pasta and protein about  three days prior.  I actually spent the night with my friends in Mt. Pleasant.  Pam made wheat pasta with veggies...since she knows I don't eat hamburger meat.  It was delicious!  We had fun the night before playing cards and sipping a little homemade wine.  I stayed up too late, but somehow I felt rested.  I had to put on about 4 pounds since the challenge however, split between muscle and that pasta.  I also have a little swelling, so give me a little break.  I am not unhappy about that because I needed the fuel and calories to do the bridge run.  I have a goal to  lose 10 pounds over the next 6 weeks.  So I am sorry friends, I will still be at the gym for a busy workout routine.  I promise that in May, I will have a little more time to play with you.

Stay tuned.  I will be posting more photos I have collected along the way.  (I have some nice ones from Silva's Zumba class, which I was so happy to be able to attend on Thursday nights now.  I am sorry that I won't be blogging every day now, but please check back in a few days.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Thank you

First, I want to say that I went to our convention in Myrtle Beach this weekend, and I ran 2 miles on the beach to ensure that I stick to my promise to continue to live a healthy life style.  I cannot tell you how I used to envy people who would get up and do that and, yes, now I am one of those people.  I love it.  Hearing the waves, feeling the fresh air on my face, hair blowing in the wind.  Sounds corny, but it's the truth!!  Most of all, I reflected on how much I love the water. So I give thanks first to our God!  I have not used my blog for biblical use in my prior posts, in a conscious awareness that I don't push my beliefs on others who are looking for weigh loss information, but I could not leave out a praise and thank you to He who made this possible -- God above.  How wonderfully he has made us!  I did not break anything or die from sweating or from doing any of the workouts!  Yes, he made us to bend, jump and move to our full range of motion.  Meditation on the beach is wonderful!  I highly recommend it.

 Next in line, but not least, is my best friend, my husband.  He has dealt with an extreme change in diet (almost completely vegetarian), and a wife he could classify as MIA.  He has been understanding and patient beyond what I could ask.  He even became more of the household manager after getting off from work.  I love him for allowing me this time, and I promise that in a few weeks I will be more balanced in my journey.  Ben got a little worried when he saw me looking at the Discovery channel, broadcasting a documentary about pandas.  He was terrified that the light bulb over my head meant that we too would be eating bamboo next.    Check out how we looked before and how we look together today (someone really did think Ben was with a younger woman). 
Thank you Ben for being with me in sickness and NOW in health.  You are #1 person in my book! 

Next I would like to thank Janice Newton, because without her, I would not have gotten in this program that I wanted so badly to be a part of.  Janice listened to my cries.  She looked beyond the words on my application.  She knew I was ready since I had already loss 30 pounds.  Janice I will never forget you!   You are helping change lives!!!  

My trainers have been most important in my journey.  My main trainer Laurie has encouraged me to work to my full potential.  She did not give up on me when she saw me limping and could not walk a mile, let alone run one.  She has taught me how to do burpees and other exercises.  I can't believe I am still doing them at home.  Thank you Laurie, for aiding me to not only walk, but to RUN.  I will never forget you.  I love your smile and this photo of us.  
 Another trainer that I must express my sincere thanks to, the one who my husband wanted to come hunt down at times, but truly appreciated his dedication as much I do, is Marty.  Marty teaches swim aerobics, and is very good at what he does.  He would take his time to clock me while I was swimming laps, even though it was outside his normal working hours.  He has gone above and beyond his job encouraging me when I just wanted to cry and give up due to sore muscles and anxiety, which happens at some points during the program.  Marty is also a vegan, so he gives great nutritional advice.  Marty I will never forget your simple words that kept me going,  "You're not tired!" I will never allow a workout tire me out to the point of giving up because of you.  I must get your photo this week for my blog.  Thank you so much. Agape!

Team Mughelli
I miss you, and I am crying as I write this.  We were only a small bump in the road.  We did not end in last place.  We fought. We tried, and did not give up.  We worked when we were told. We cried and wiped each other tears.  We laughed when we needed to.  Remember when I backed up my butt into the water fountain and it looked like I wet my pants?   I know you thought Laurie made me pee my pants doing those  burpees.

Here we different.  Overcoming so many obstacles.....we did it.  This week is not the same without you.   Let's stay on this journey!   Laurie said we had HEART! She would have us over any other team.  I will never forget her saying that because we know we were a challenge.

Thank you Dad, for following my blog and supporting me through this journey.  To my sisters who, no matter how tired you were when you got off the night shift, you followed my blog and cheered me on.  Who fought cancer during these 10 weeks while I fought these pounds.  I gained strength from you. 

My son, who was my secret trainer from a far distance, and my daughter who cheered me on, listening to my moans, and loves me unconditionally, even when I could not call or text.  Thank you grandkids, for thinking I am "Auntie" and not grandma!  I will get back to the nice gifts and Skype visits real soon. I will see you in just a few months.  ( I will be in even better shape!)

Thank you to my dear friends Wendy and Kristen, who are my sisters and who continued to encourage me in my journey, both spiritually and for physical training support.  I loved our walks on the bridge.  We all share great encouraging stories with each other.  We are also all juicers now.   I looked forward to our time spent together.  I had to laugh, because we are all "take charge" women and hard workers, which bind us together.  They showed up at the final weigh in, without my knowledge, to support me, WIN or Lose!  They are their for me.  I am blessed! 

Check me out the last time my kids saw me, about 9 months ago....   Photo to the right taken this weekend.  In the photo below, I'm standing in Pioneer Square in downtown Portland, OR and, hey, I look like I was about to have a baby.  I just dropped a 65 pound kid!!!

Number one female, people!!!!!!!!!!!  Soon to be 54 years old in May, but I feel 30 again!

Make sure that if and when you are on this journey, you take and  compare photos. ( Too bad they don't show what's on the inside.....).  The top photo is one of my heaviest photo's.

  This middle picture  is one that was taken after the first 37 pound loss.

I am not tired!!!!!  I am just beginning to lived.  I have shed more than you know. More than that which shows on the scales.

Don't leave me now....we just got started.  I still need you.   I have HUGE surprise that you will love coming up this week.

Friday, March 19, 2010


Well now back to the "real life" without HCC, except for my weekly weigh-in which, as you know, will continue for the next couple of weeks.

I was kinda happy and kinda sad today.  Melancholy is the word!  Do you remember when you were on a ferris wheel and you went up and around, and then had to come down when the ride ended?  It leaves butterflyies in your stomach even after you're back on the ground.  You say to yourself, "that's it!".  You don't want it to be really over, but you know you have to get back to life.  So off you go with a little sadness.  It's really over!  Did I really end 1st in the percentage of weight loss for women?  Yes, I did!  However, my journey is not over, by no means.  Today I  was really tired from yesterday's workout, and the excitement of our last meeting together.  And to add to all this my father was very ill which added even more stress.  (I found out today that Dad is finally making improvements.)  We ran and we lifted weights.  Nothing like what I have been doing the last few days, but I felt good to get up early and keep my commitment.  I think my body is trying to recover from such a busy day yesterday.  The ceremony was nice but I don't want to end it here......

I promised pictures yesterday but they take a lot of time to download, re-size, and post, so I hope you all understand that I have to postpone the photos and take a little time to rest.  In addition to my early-morning workout today, I had a lot of  errands to run in preparation for our upcoming trip.  So I am putting everything else on hold till Monday -- all the thank you's and sentiments.  I am just still very tired.  I promise I will run on the beach this weekend.  I promise I will use the gym at our hotel, and lastly I promise I will eat healthy meals.

Blog closed till Monday.  Then lots of surprises.

Thursday, March 18, 2010


I Won the Healthy Charleston Challenge!!!!(female) 

This week I lost 4.8 pounds.  Believe me I had to work for it.  I am very proud I might say.  This was not an easy program.  It took focus, determination and endurance.  I have a lot of supporters I would like to thank tomorrow but I am much too tired to just write any old thing.  I was so happy to see my husband after a long stressful day.  He has taken a lot of fantastic photos which I will post tomorrow.  My other two biggest supporters, Wendy and Kristin, came to see me win without my knowlege, which was so sweet.  Another great surprise was one of my new clients, Beth, that I am training.  She came with her two beautiful  children.  I was proud to have such supportive friends.  WOW!  I have to go reflect on this one.  Please tune in tomorrow so I can share photos of the event with you.

Total loss on my journey - 65.8 pounds.  Hey kids that's more than anyone of my grandkids.  (think about it) This grandma is no joke now!!!

HCC 35.8 pounds

Look at my competitor stats against mine- ALL of us are really winners.  Congrats to all of you!

1. Regina Powers  18.14%
2. Sydney Fowler  16.48%
3. Adair Dempsey  15. 38%
4. Jane Schmitt       15.38%
5. Michelle Rubeinstein 14.92%

Hey I stuck to my ONE glass of wine in celebration!!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Last Team Work

Today was our last workout as a team.  It was a bittersweet pill.  So many emotions going on.  Everyone was in attendance, with the exception of two.  I knew our trainer Laurie was going to kill us today.  We ran 2 miles!!!   My finish my time was 12 minutes, compared to the 17 minutes I did the last time I ran.  (I hope my memory serves me right on this one.)  We did burpees.  We did everything that she taught us plus.  I had no time to enjoy her praises as she is commending me because it's time to get more cardio on the rower and do another mile.  I prayed to get through this workout today.  Just when I thought it was over,"I hear get a mat!".  I am getting tired writing about this.  All I can say is that I felt about 2 pounds melt off of me!  Laurie gave us a nice pep talk at the end, telling us how far we have come.  She also mentioned my first day trying to sprint up the stairs.  I really thought I was going to either die or have a heart attack.  She was shocked when I asked to do the stairs last week.  It was nice going down memory lane.  After all, I have spent more time with this team than I have with anyone else in the past 11 weeks.  So our goodbyes will be sad.

Friday will be hard because, for the last 3 months, Fridays have been spent with our team workout.  So I will go to the gym early in the morning and workout with my small team outside of HCC.  Later that day, I plan to get pampered at the hair and nail salon.  I need a pedicure badly!  I'm looking like a "jock" (or something) now.

We are leaving for Myrtle Beach for the weekend (Bible convention).  My hubby just told me we have a room facing the ocean and a small kitchenette, just in case I wanted to bring my healthy foods.  Oh I might add, he made sure that they have a workout center, and both indoor and outdoor pools. (Yippy!) I will be able to workout on Saturday for a least an hour. 

Everyone was making plans on keeping Laurie as a trainer at a time that I cannot make that same comitment.  I am confident that I will continue my program and journey.  In fact, it will be on paper by tomorrow.  Even though tomorrow we formally graduate, we never really do.  We still must keep ourselves healthy.  This means eating the right foods and continual workouts.  I feel I have formed a HABIT -- in fact somewhat of an addiction to the gym. I have noticed that my body loves it now.   I will work on, maintaining more balance, so that it will not crowd out the more important things.  I am going to be a member of the Wellness Center and very thankful to have that one month free.  I would rather have this than cable......I did not just say that Ben!   I cannot imagine living without a gym so close to home, in walking or running distance.  We still have to weigh-in for 6 weeks after the program, so we can stay on track.  I am sure my family and friends will help me with the maintaining balance part.

Tomorrow we'll get the final numbers for the competition segment of the HCC program.  I have told myself over and over that if I do not win the contest, I truly have already won.  I have gained my life back, as I have said before.    I will take photos.  Everyone will be missed.  I am not looking forward to saying goodbye to the young students who weigh us.  They played as big a part in my journey as everyone else in the program have. 

Stay tuned for the BIG DAY!  I can't wait.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Nia Day

"Nia (previously Non-Impact AerobicsNeuromuscular Integrative Action) is a physical conditioning program based on a premise that movement is a pathway for self-discovery and personal transformation."   
 -excerpt from Wikipedia

Today was my first experience with class dedicated solely to Nia.  This class was just what the doctor ordered.  They called this "modern dance" in my day.  We use our body as art..... our instructor started off by saying how important movements and facial expressions are.  I loved the way we symbolically lifted the weight of something burdensome in our lives and threw it across the room!  Sounds crazy but it worked for me.  I certainly had a lot of weight to throw this week.  Dad is still having some complications.  I will know more tomorrow.  In the meantime, I danced.  Something  I would not have done in the past.  I would have sat home and worried.  I am learning new ways to cope.  Just Dance!  I felt beautiful!  I felt so much lighter on my feet for that moment.  I will refer back to this moment over and over again.

For right now I am going DANCE my butt to bed.  Another busy day ahead.  I really appreciate all the support.

Don't go away......

Monday, March 15, 2010

Monday. What A DAY!

Our Monday workout has kicked my butt.  I came home and had to lay down for half an hour.  Running, burpees, sandbags, squats, sit-ups...    ...oh my!!!  Then off to walk the bridge at 2:30.  I have two walking partners outside of HCC now, Wendy and Kristin.  (They don't know it, but they are my a part of my maintenance program.)  And, you guessed it, I ended my night in the pool.  Tonight when Marty says,  "You're not tired!"  I wanted to yell "Oh yes I am!"   I know he says this to push us mentally.  And it works!  Thank you Marty!!

My dad is still in the hospital.  They did laproscopic surgery today that was not successful.  Not sure what is next till tomorrow.  Why this week of all weeks?  This is just life!  Stress is not good for weight loss, but I am proving a point to myself -- I don't need food to comfort me.  I just need my pillow.  May my pillow surround me with it's tender love.  As it softly puts me to sleep.  Hey I am just practising relaxation.  Don't laugh.  BREATHE.  BREATHE.  RELAX.

Stay tuned.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunday No Longer A Day Of Rest

I can remember when Sunday was more of a day of rest.  Not anymore.  Off to the Wellness Center for the mandatory group class.  Thinking to myself that I no longer have to run in the bathroom, throwing off the heels and dress.  Oops!  And the pearls that don't match my workout gear.  As I said, Sunday will not be a gym day in the future.  I just wanted to end, saying to myself I never missed a group workout required by the program.  I will think of activities that will keep me moving on Sunday, but, generally, it will be a more family-oriented day.

Class was with that maniac Lilly.  That young lady is rough, but I like her workout.  She provided us with a great cardio workout so that we can burn a lot of calories for Thursday's weigh-in.  All of the HCC people were working hard today, though.  Some were just trying to add more pounds lost to their total weight loss, and some are fighting for the title of first place.  We all know who they are.  I was extremely tired in this class, I think, because of the time change.  My father is in the hospital so I am horribly scared that an emergency will require me to leave to go out of town.  His surgery is tomorrow and I am hoping for the best.  I kept pushing and trying to do all her moves and relieving my mind of the stress.

The day ended nice.  We went out to a private little area on Folly Beach.    My husband is a retired Navy photographer and is going to take photo's for some friends' wedding.  So off we go to check out location.  I decided to fit in a little workout by sprinting my way down the path leading to the Morris Island Lighthouse.  On the way I noticed some steps.  Up, down, up, down, until everyone caught up with me.  Hey, a new workout location with  beautiful scenery.  A few adjectives to decribe the area....beautiful, breathtaking, picturous, and romantic!  I love the lighthouse in the background and the beautiful different types of trees and plant life that will surround the wedding party.
Walking in the sand added resistance that I loved, and I make a mental note that a year ago I would have complained about the walk to this destination.  Not this time.  I just wanted to stay.  I love the beach, hearing the waves and allowing the wind to take me in.  Hey do I sound like a writer.  Hey this blogging has been so good for me.  It really makes me reflect on my days.  I will have to go back and read them after the challenge is over.  The photo to the left is a photo of my son-in-law, the surfer, and his daughter on the beach (photograph by Ben Powers).  Today I thought of them and how much I miss all of my family on the West Coast.

My bed is calling me...      ...night night to all!

Satuday - Busy as a Hive of Bees

When will I get to sit down to breath......Early start to the day, bible work, lunch with a friend (no worries...   ...a wonderful salad at Ted's Butcher Block...     ...a great place if you are looking for healthy food).  

Then off to meet Shawn at the pool.  Just as I go in the building I heard a familar voice that said, "Regina!" I jumped as if it was my mother or someone.  It was Janice just letting me know that Shawn was on her way -- caught in traffic.  I am flexible, though.  Another minute to breathe and an opportunity to ask Janice (the director of the program) some questions regarding my maintence plan of attack.  I have to start thinking about it now.  I don't want to wait and have to hear myself say "ooops!  Where did those 5 pounds come from?", or something horrible like that.  I appreciate all coaching.  

Off to swim with Shawn.  Shawn has that new-teacher-zeal, and I love it because her energy is contagious.  She comes with her list of outlined exercises.  Love it.  As you know, the water is my best friend.  Now Shawn gave me a relaxtion treat at the end...    ...almost as good as a massage.  Float on water with your eyes closed, remembering to breath deep, in and out, as and she holds you gently.  I never completly let go, but I am working on it.  I tell you I was close to going to sleep like a baby.  Maybe there is some mind connection to the body in water.  After all, is that not how we got here?  In a sac surrounded by our mothers water.  Today it's kind of funny, but that left me wondering what my mother would think if she could only see me now.  My weight was alarming to her since she had never been heavy nor seen me heavy.  

I played WII tonight, which was fun and it kept me from sitting.  

I get a call from family today telling me that my dad (in Toledo Ohio) has been rushed to the hospital.  Hopefully he recovers soon.  I am just trying to stay relaxed.   It's hard when you are not in the area.  Well, let's hope for the best. 

I forgot to have you to go back and read Thursday's posting.  I must have corrected 6 errors. (I was sooo tired!)

Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday Not The Resturant!

This truly has been life changing for me!  Any other Friday, I would be at a place like Friday's having some high-calorie appetizer, main course, vino, and dessert.  (I've been off sugar for several months, so I almost forgot about dessert.)  Then the routine back then was to unzip jeans because I'd just eat too much.  I just consumed 1,000 calories in one sitting and did not realize it.  Then you have that regret and horrible feeling come over you.  Never again!!!  In fact, it makes me sick thinking about eating like that again.  It's so nice to eat healthy.  You notice the great taste in vegetables and fruits, which can even be a little too sweet at times!  Even the colors of fresh fruit and vegetables suddenly mean something.  Very appealing to the eyes.   I have come to really appreciate my kitchen because I can control what I put in the foods.  That will be my project next around the house.  Remodel and re-do my kitchen.  

My favorite store is Whole Foods.  I can stay in there all day.  Now that I have nutritional guidance, I can go through a label in seconds and say yea or nay.  Something I learned from HCC.  Just because it is in Whole Foods does not mean that is good for you.  The options are greater than most grocery stores.  I only wish we had a Trader Joe's here, which is a store we had in California -- a cheaper version of Whole Foods.  I have found a lot of items in Whole Foods that are cheaper than HT or other local groceries.  So quit frowning Ben!  I hate Super WalMart.  I am sorry, but why do those kids in there act as if they have no home training.   I love kids, but, for some reason, not in WalMart.  Please wipe their noses....that will make me not want to eat. 

Work out today with Laurie was great!  Once again, we work hard.  We all are kinda in a zone, with it being our last workout with Laurie this week.  It is amazing how far we have come.  I am shocked at how far I have come.  I wish my team would have known me when I was still taking physical therapy after my brain tumor.  They would be shocked at just how far I have REALLY come.  I won't go into the rest of the day because it may tell my closest competitor my final plan of attack (just in case she's reading this).  Next week, I will even share some of my best dietary tips.   So, I will save the best for after the competition phase of the program is over.  It's really simple.  I will tell you, however, that my body adjusted to a lot of my workouts.  I am not nearly as sore nor do I have any injuries.  This means that I have to work even harder for results now. (frown)

I find myself very emotional right now.  I can't stand to hear anything negative in conversation, on TV or anywhere.   It has been a lot of hard work.  I am very sensitive and will cry at the drop of a hat. Maybe working out is doing something to my hormones now.  Oh Lord!  Was menopause not enough!?!?!  Ladies, have you ever noticed the word "men" is in menopause...maybe because they cause the whole problem when Adam listened to Eve....LOL!  Just wanted to laugh.  It produces those great hormones.

I am on my way to bed anticipating the days ahead. 

For those of you who are looking for photos or something to look at stay tuned.....