Thursday, March 18, 2010


I Won the Healthy Charleston Challenge!!!!(female) 

This week I lost 4.8 pounds.  Believe me I had to work for it.  I am very proud I might say.  This was not an easy program.  It took focus, determination and endurance.  I have a lot of supporters I would like to thank tomorrow but I am much too tired to just write any old thing.  I was so happy to see my husband after a long stressful day.  He has taken a lot of fantastic photos which I will post tomorrow.  My other two biggest supporters, Wendy and Kristin, came to see me win without my knowlege, which was so sweet.  Another great surprise was one of my new clients, Beth, that I am training.  She came with her two beautiful  children.  I was proud to have such supportive friends.  WOW!  I have to go reflect on this one.  Please tune in tomorrow so I can share photos of the event with you.

Total loss on my journey - 65.8 pounds.  Hey kids that's more than anyone of my grandkids.  (think about it) This grandma is no joke now!!!

HCC 35.8 pounds

Look at my competitor stats against mine- ALL of us are really winners.  Congrats to all of you!

1. Regina Powers  18.14%
2. Sydney Fowler  16.48%
3. Adair Dempsey  15. 38%
4. Jane Schmitt       15.38%
5. Michelle Rubeinstein 14.92%

Hey I stuck to my ONE glass of wine in celebration!!!

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  1. I knew you could do it, congrats to you now lets see the pictures