Friday, March 19, 2010


Well now back to the "real life" without HCC, except for my weekly weigh-in which, as you know, will continue for the next couple of weeks.

I was kinda happy and kinda sad today.  Melancholy is the word!  Do you remember when you were on a ferris wheel and you went up and around, and then had to come down when the ride ended?  It leaves butterflyies in your stomach even after you're back on the ground.  You say to yourself, "that's it!".  You don't want it to be really over, but you know you have to get back to life.  So off you go with a little sadness.  It's really over!  Did I really end 1st in the percentage of weight loss for women?  Yes, I did!  However, my journey is not over, by no means.  Today I  was really tired from yesterday's workout, and the excitement of our last meeting together.  And to add to all this my father was very ill which added even more stress.  (I found out today that Dad is finally making improvements.)  We ran and we lifted weights.  Nothing like what I have been doing the last few days, but I felt good to get up early and keep my commitment.  I think my body is trying to recover from such a busy day yesterday.  The ceremony was nice but I don't want to end it here......

I promised pictures yesterday but they take a lot of time to download, re-size, and post, so I hope you all understand that I have to postpone the photos and take a little time to rest.  In addition to my early-morning workout today, I had a lot of  errands to run in preparation for our upcoming trip.  So I am putting everything else on hold till Monday -- all the thank you's and sentiments.  I am just still very tired.  I promise I will run on the beach this weekend.  I promise I will use the gym at our hotel, and lastly I promise I will eat healthy meals.

Blog closed till Monday.  Then lots of surprises.

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  1. I knew that you could and would do it Sister. The journey as you say is not over, but remember that Jehovah is with you and will lead you. I am so proud of your accomplishments and your tenasity. Keep it up. Mom would be so proud, I know we are!!